14. International Garden Festival

International Garden Festival – 14th Edition

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lorsque les forêts disparaissent

Walking through a forest we experience nature in all its vitality and liveliness but think about walking through gates decorated with dying trees. A visit to lorsque les forêts disparaissent means experiencing forest with its complexity and problems because today’s forests are no longer readily available evergreen resources. Deforestation, climate change related drought and other phenomena pose an increasing threat to our forests. Seeing dying trees confronts the visitors with the fact that forests as we know them might not always be there anymore. While the hanging trees become less appealing over the summer as they loose needles and turn brown, they are contrasted by a planted forest to encourage appreciation of healthy forests. A landscape of pine trees and blueberry bushes develops into an increasingly natural state and offers a comfortable and soothing retreat.

Red chairs allow to take in different perspectives and invite visitors to sit down and review the scenario they just encountered.

The trees perishing slowly during the exhibition symbolize the transience of the momentary state.

Increasing deforestation and agricultural use of forests lead towards a decline of one of the most powerful ecosystems. While in Canada large stretches of intact forests still prevail, the situation in other parts of the world is just the opposite. Raising awareness and appreciation of what is left are the first steps to save the forests.

Location: Canada

Type: Competition

Year: 2012/ 2013