15. International Garden Festival

International Garden Festival – 15th Edition

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Pulse Of Nature

What if amidst a stagnant and most orderly kept garden you come across a symbol full of energy and livelihood – a pulse.

Walking along the path of the pulse the visitor realizes being directed alternately to and away from the most important feature of an intact ecosystem – a tree. Grass swaying with the wind hides the direction of the pulse making the trees necessary for orientation within the garden. The momentary beating of natures pulse is contradicted by the steady persistence of slowly growing trees.

Pulse of Nature appeals with its apparent simplicity of a line making its path through a grid-like structure. The path of varying width and direction points out the diversity and importance of the ambient/ local vegetation used in the garden and makes the visitor instantly feel at home. Being the basis for the pulse the plants only put the garden into meaning. If there was no life – what would the pulse be beating for?

Location: Canada

Type: Competition

Year: 2013/ 2014