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gsla – grünstrich is an ongoing, small design project + portfolio gsla_favicon 2017started back in 2009. Presenting projects in the intersection of landscape architecture, urban design, climate adaptation and public engagement, gsla believes to trigger positive change in communities and ultimately in people’s mindset. The connection of people to their surrounding environment is of high value, thus it creates a higher identity with a local place. Understanding landscapes and spaces is a never-ending process and is as complex as the human being itself. Therefore, gsla is characterized by commitment, patience, experience and learning.

Frank Hoffmann_2017Frank Hoffmann / Landscape Architecture

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Frank is a Dipl.-Ing. for Landscape Architecture with international work experience. Over the course of his studies he gained valuable experience working in various institutions associated with landscape architecture, climate adaptation, landscape strategies and analysis, urbanism and city planning.

His strong holistic planning approach through stakeholder engagement and design workshops is complemented by his sketching and illustration skills. Communicating ideas and visions to both public and private clients is a major element in his design – thinking and ensures the targeted audience understands the key project elements and design intent. His passion to understand open space better in its complexity is driven by the connection of the landscape and its intended users to provide an appropriate “sense of place”.

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