Floating art festival 2016

Floating art festival 2016

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Floating decay

When talking about a forest, we experience nature in all of its vitality and liveliness, but one should think about seeing one of the most fragile ecosystems decorated with dying trees.

Floating Decay means experiencing the forest with its complexity and challenges because today’s forests are no longer consistently available natural resources. Deforestation, climate- change – related drought and other phenomena pose an increasing threat to our forests. Seeing dying trees confronts visitors with the fact that forests, as we know them, might not always be there in the future. Vejle with its unique, vast forests and water bodies is well known in Denmark. To mimic this landscape will not only strengthen the local identity, but it will furthermore let people think about their home. While the trees become less appealing over the course of the Floating Art Festival as they loose needles/ leaves and turn brown, they are surrounded by the water in the Vejle fjord. This setting seems even more disturbing – that two of the biggest ecosystems in the world can no longer exist without damage. Therefore, Floating Decay questions the status quo of our environment to encourage the appreciation of healthy forests.

The trees perish slowly during the exhibition, symbolizing the transience of the momentary state. Increasing deforestation and the agricultural use of forests lead towards a decline of one of the most power­ful ecosystems. By seeing nature as holistic unit, the artwork will also provide the solution at the same time. Raising awareness and appreciation of what is left is the first step towards saving the forests and other ecosystems.

Forest decline is used as a symbol for changing conditions in our changing world, e.g. water availability or flooding, which in some parts of the world is already a major problem. Along with the first Climathon which will happen in Vejle, Floating Decay will take on the task of raising awareness. The presented scenario is not daunting but gives the viewer a chance to think about solutions for modern day ecosystems and climate change.

Location: Denmark

Type: Competition

Year: 2016