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Unterbrücken – Ver(b)rücken

With the theme “Unterbrücken” of the 2015 ideas competition, the Austrian Association for Landscape Architects” aims to find concepts for the space under bridges. Places under bridges can create feelings of insecurity because of their missing daylight and physical appearance. However, those places can further be used for social interaction. Temporary as well as permanent design solutions could therefore help to raise awareness of these public spaces.

The competition entry “Ver(b)rücken” tries not only to focus on the space under bridges, but rather combining the top and the ground layer in order to overcome the barrier – effect of a bridge. By using nature and sunlight as connecting elements, bridges with their sometimes harsh look can be seen as an integrated design element. Local installations those similar of a green roof/ wall can further be attached to the bridge.

Location: Austria

Type: Competition

Year: 2015

In collaboration with Nina King