Wolfsburger Koller-Prize

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Stairways to heaven

The 21st century heralds a new era; cities are changing and placing new requirements on their inhabitants. Inhabitants, in turn, are discovering new requirements for themselves. Both aspects require harmony and must be combined. From the search for and discovery of function, new open spaces are created with diverse opportunities. Wolfsburg’s MobileLifeCampus represents dynamics, knowledge, innovation, new technologies, and future versatility. It is symbolic of the thought center, the stairways are neurons which, when used by the population, provide the campus with new, fresh ideas and lead further into the future. The population can view and follow their city’s progress from above while simultaneously being an integral part in its development.

At the same time, the stairways follow the mathematical principle of equality. Fibonacci’s numerical sequence is the basis for the development of the stairways to heaven, both the escalators and the visitor platforms make use of it. In this way, they appear naturally harmonious and radiate aesthetic throughout the surrounding area. The MobileLifeCampus building and the stairways also appear unique from afar. Wolfsburg’s population should re-experience and recognize all of its facets. Go to the top – “take a look around and see the endless horizon of Wolfsburg”.­

Location: Germany

Type: Competition

Year: 2009

In collaboration with David Koch